By now you probably know that Davis Metals is a great source for metal purchasing, Phoenix metal recycling, Arizona dumpster rentals, top-quality cleaning rags, and more. However, when it comes to purchasing metal in Phoenix, we know you have choices. Big box stores abound, and it’s tempting to go with them for your metal business. However, does that convenience come at a too-high price? 

We know you

And even if we haven’t met you yet, you can be sure that once you walk through the doors of our metal shop and salvage yard, you’ll soon be a part of the Davis family. We pride ourselves on providing personalized, expert service to all our individual customers and industrial account holders. For the past 65 years, we’ve established great relationships with our customers all over the state of Arizona, and we look forward to many more years of retaining customers based on our integrity, honesty, and reliable communication. Have questions? We’re here for those, too.

Business with us is a win for the local economy

“Shop small” is more than just a trendy catch phrase – it’s a philosophy that truly improves communities. Income generated at a small business goes straight back into the local economy, strengthening and bolstering it. Plus, The Small Business Administration estimates that since 1995, small business have generated 66% of all new jobs in the United States. Shopping for Phoenix metal at Davis Metals is a smart choice for the greater Phoenix area.

We don’t have minimum order requirements

Being able to order the exact amount of metal you need saves you money and headache. Davis Metals and Salvage takes the “no job too small” saying to heart. Not only do we allow you to order what you need, but we custom measure and cut your order to your specifications.

We care about quality

Because we deal with metal on a smaller scale than the big box stores, we have a vested interest in the quality of our products. We inspect our metal materials to ensure top quality before it hits our warehouse.

Pressed for time? We’ve got you

As long as Davis Metals has what you need in stock, there’s no lag time for us to process your order. Many of the large-scale operations have a wait time of several days, but we start working on your order the minute it comes through.

These are just a few of the reasons that make Davis Metals and Salvage the smart choice for your metal purchasing. Whether you’re a large-scale contractor, or a small-scale shopper looking to spruce up your work or living area, Davis is a smart choice. We encourage you to come by our warehouse and discover the amazing variety of high-quality metal we carry. We’ll be waiting for you, with our metal experts ready to help.