The Greatness of Galvanization

If you come visit our Phoenix metal supply yard, among the huge selection of metals we carry at Davis Metals and Salvage you’ll likely notice our supply of Phoenix galvanized metal sheets, pipes, and tubes. Galvanized metal is unique in appearance and quality, and we thought we’d share a few of the reasons why you should get to know this metal better.

  • Galvanized steel is very popular because of its durability, strength, and its resistance to decay or corrosion
  • It’s among the more cost-effective choices. Costing just slightly more per pound than untreated structural steel, it’s a relative bargain. This is especially true when you consider that stainless steel can cost 4 or 5 times over what customers can by galvanized steel for
  • This metal is a win for environmental causes. Not only does galvanized metal not produce emissions, but it lasts decades without needing any attention from pollution-causing equipment
  • Galvanized metal is treated with zinc during the manufacturing process, making it stronger and less likely to develop rust
  • After being galvanized (dipped in sulfuric acid and then treated with zinc ammonium chloride), steel can have a life of over 50 years in an average climate, and a life of over 20 years in an environment with extreme water exposure
  • There’s no need for any treatment, inspection, or preparation on galvanized steel once you get it. This allows a shorter turnaround time for your Phoenix metal customers and saves you cost on labor

Wondering how you or your Arizona metal customers can utilize this dependable and versatile metal more often?

Here are some popular uses:
  1. Phone line equipment – no one wants the job of performing maintenance on those hard-to-reach lines. Using hot-galvanized steel on telephone wiring and equipment boxes ensures a long, low-maintenance lifespan
  2. Car bodies – the resistance to rust of galvanized steel allows car companies to capitalize on making anti-rust promises to customers
  3. Home or business décor – the sky’s the limit with this attractive, versatile metal. From planters to decorative trays to wall hangings, galvanized metal will beautifully decorate indoors and outdoors. Other ideas we’ve seen and loved include using sheets of corrugated metal on sliding doors, as wall hangings in the shape of letters or other decorative items, or using galvanized metal washbasins in décor
  4. Almost any outdoor fixture that needs to stay in good condition for decades including benches, balconies, verandahs, lights, and permanent ladders
  5. Even nuts, screws, and bolts can undergo the galvanization process to provide long-lasting, rust-free stability for structures

You’ll appreciate that the selection of galvanized metal at our Phoenix warehouse contains what you and your customers need for any construction project or décor design plan. Plus, our warehouse staff can answer questions, provide insight, and can offer other ideas and solutions.

Give us a call and let us know how we can help. Whether you’re a private purchaser or need an industrial account, the Davis Metals/AZ Iron Supply locations are your go-to for metal purchasing in the greater Phoenix area.