Do these 100+ degree days have your head, and the rest of your body, focused on air-conditioning? Of course you’re thankful for this appliance that keeps your home from boiling you alive, but have you given any thought toward the darker side of air-conditioning?

Unfortunately, the simple act of flipping on your A/C isn’t as innocent as it seems. For one, because of the high amount of electricity needed for them to run, air conditioners produce carbon dioxide emissions which are depleting the ozone layer. Also contributing to holes in the ozone layer are the chlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons the machines emit. And the other thing that running your air conditioner is depleting? Your checking account! Spending $400-$500 per month in electricity during the warm months in Arizona is no joke, especially when the cost of other essentials are rising.

Now for some good news – there are impressive updates in air conditioning technology either just coming out or in the pipeline for future release.

  1. Ice-Powered A/C

    This cool concept improves upon the traditional air conditioner model in two ways: it uses most of its energy during off-peak times, freezing water during the night; and because it uses its ice reservoir during the day to cool the home, the carbon output, and your energy bill, are significantly reduced.

  2. Smart Ventilation

    So simple, yet so brilliant – a cooling and ventilation system that senses the number of occupants in a room and ventilates accordingly. You don’t need to cool an empty building, and you definitely need to up the A/C ante in crowded conference rooms or kitchens.

    And if that’s not ‘smart’ enough for you, get this: your smart ventilation system will read the forecast and adjust your interior temperature accordingly.

  3. Smart Temperature Settings

    In the office, you can’t please everyone when it comes to temperature. Some rooms run hot, some run cold, and before you know it half the employees use space heaters all year long while the other half are sweating through their blazers. Updates to heating and cooling systems in Phoenix include the ability to personalize the temperature for each room, and also allow you to instantly change the temperature with just a few touches on a smartphone.

  4. Trouble-Shoot Before the Trouble

    Another great feature of many smart thermostats is their ability to identify and troubleshoot potential issues before they become costly repairs. While these automated alerts are not meant to replace the opinion of HVAC professionals, they can allow you to be aware of possible problems.

At Davis Metals, we are so excited about these developments in the HVAC line of products, as they only further one of our main objectives, which is to lessen the environmental impact of our daily habits. And when you decide to replace your air conditioner with a newer, smarter model, be sure to see Davis Metals and Salvage first. Allowing us to take care of your Arizona air conditioning recycling means that your old appliance will stay out of a landfill, all its parts and fluids will be disposed of responsibly, and we’ll pay YOU for bringing it in.

Davis Metals and Salvage remains your source for Arizona metal recycling, Arizona appliance recycling, and the very best Arizona metal supply.