Nothing makes you appreciate the importance of solid relationships more than running a business. Without great relationships with your employees, partners, vendors, and customers, your business would go belly-up in no time. And maintaining positive business connections takes more than just treating others well; a successful business owner must also choose the right people with whom to establish a relationship. That’s where Davis Metals and Salvage comes in. We make it our goal to make your business account with us easy, positive, and beneficial for you. As an owner of a Phoenix construction business, welding business, or Scottsdale art studio, here are just some of the reasons why partnering with Davis is a very smart decision:

  • Got debris?

    We’ll take it. Not only do we accept your unneeded metals items and provide Phoenix metal recycling, but we offer top-rank Arizona dumpster service. If you have a business or are working on a project that generates metal waste, we’ll drop off a clean dumpster in the size of your choice, and pick it up when you’re ready. No headache for you, no metal items being discarded in the landfill, and money in your pocket from what you recycle. Our machines are regularly serviced and maintained, so you can be assured of accurate weighing and measuring. We have other machinery available too, such as trash compactor boxes and tilt hoppers.

  • Speaking of recycling.

    Davis Metals accepts and recycles a huge variety of metal items. As a business owner, you may have filing cabinets, appliances, heating or cooling equipment, ladders, and more that you need to get rid of. With the Arizona metal recycling expertise of Davis Metals and Salvage you can earn money from what you bring it, AND enjoy the newly-emptied space that your junk used to fill.

  • We’ve got the good stuff.

    Davis Metals and Salvage carries a huge variety of steel, aluminum, copper, iron, and more. From metal sheets to tubes, from pipes to bars, this is your go-to metal source for the Phoenix metro area.

  • AND we’ve got the pretty stuff.

    Decorative metal is hot right now in Arizona, and we carry it all. From fence spears, to gate hardware, to iron castings, you’ll find a huge variety here. We invite you to come browse our inventory, and are excited to answer questions about other stock we have available that’s not on display. 

We can’t wait to have you as an industrial account partner, and encourage you to call us to discuss how we can meet your metal recycling needs in the Phoenix metro area cities of Glendale, Chandler, Buckeye, and more. Your business account with Davis Metals is a relationship we’ll value from day one, and we believe you will, too. 

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