Keeping it Clean This Summer

In case you’re like us, and haven’t gotten around to spring cleaning yet, we have good news – in this circumstance it can pay to be a procrastinator. There are some great reasons why doing a deep cleaning in summer is an even better option.

  1. Sand, dirt, and dust – oh my!

    Those months of having the windows open to the cool nighttime dessert air have lead to screens, door frames, and windowsills full of grit and grime. Use the summer months to hose off screens, clean windows, wipe down frames, and clean sliding door tracks.

    And what will you use to clean that dirt? Save your t-shirts and towels, and grab a bag or two of the quality cleaning rags from Davis Metals and Salvage. We carry a wide range of cloths, from soft flannel and cotton, to cheesecloth, to heavy-duty terry towels. We’re proud of our quality cleaning cloths in Phoenix, and we think you’ll love them too.

  2. In with the new? Don’t forget to get rid of the old

    During the pandemic shutdown, were you one of the masses who spent their days at home updating their home? As you bring in new items, keep in mind what Davis Metals and Salvage can help you get rid of. We believe you’ll feel fantastic once you get rid of your old ladders, appliances, batteries, bed frames, motorcycles, bicycles, water heaters, and more. Studies have shown that getting rid of extra/unused items is great for your mental health! Davis Metals is your source for Arizona metal recycling.

  3. Cheap labor now available!

    You know those kids who were once at school during the day and are now all of a sudden home all the time, lying on the couch, eating all the food from the fridge, and running the air conditioner nonstop? Those kids can make great cleaning partners. Saving your deep cleaning until summer means that the whole family can get involved – lucky them!

  4. More daylight hours to burn

    With the sun perched in the sky for more hours per day, summer gives you more daytime hours to be productive. More sun also allows you to keep your energy levels higher for longer.

  5. Got lemons, STILL?

    Your neighbor is generous, and her lemon tree is even more so. Short of overdosing on lemonade this summer, what can you do with those abundant yellow fruits? Lemons can be useful in cleaning items all over your home. This article from Taste of Home outlines a few of their handy uses: 20 Fresh Ways to Clean with Lemon | Taste of Home

Davis Metals and Salvage offers such a wide range of items we can accept, recycle and pay you for, that you’d bee foolish to not scour your home for metal recyclables.

We look forward to helping you clean out, clean up, and earn some cash while doing it.